AIDS Prevention/Intervention

Background information about the target area and community:
In Pudukkottai district, Viralimalai is one of the main blocks, located on Trichy-Madurai highway, 28 kilometres away from Trichy and 48 kilometres from Pudukkottai. There are several automobile manufacturing industries, textiles and spinning mills like T.V.Sundaram Coach Manufacturing Division, Rane Group, Femina Spinning Mills, SRF Industries, SANMAR Group Industries, Thirumathi Muthammal Textile Mills, etc. These industries provide employment to thousand of skilled as well as unskilled workers hailing from various parts of the districts, Trichy and Pudukkottai.

Significantly, Viralimalai is popularly known for its traditional prostitution, at national level. Since Viralimalai is an industrial area and located on inter-district boundary, there is always a floating population and thousands of transportation vehicles such as trucks, trailers (with national permit), mini lorries, vans and buses are passing through Viralimalai.

Target Groups Identified
The following categories of target groups are identified under this programme:

  1. Women in Prostitution (WIPs) both traditional and others;
  2. Their clients; and
  3. The brokers (pimps).

Objective of the Project:

  1. To carry out HIV/AIDS Preventation intervention among WIPS, their clients and brokers
  2. To educate the target groups on STD/HIV/AIDS through peer Education from the target groups
  3. To change/modify behavior through safer sexual practies and behavior change communications
  4. To promote condom uses among the target groups and provide accessibility to quality condoms.
  5. To reduce prevalence of STD by providing accessible, affordable and acceptable STD care for the target groups
  6. To set up a STD care and Treatment centre for the target groups
  7. To provide access to counselling service for the target group and minimize stigma towards people with HIV / AIDS