Help WESWA to empower the poor and downtrodden

The Weaker Section Welfare Association (WESWA) was founded in 1995 by a spirited team of social workers hailing from Viralimalai, Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu, India. Since its inception the WESWA Trust has been actively engaged in the rehabilitation of the weaker section of society, especially in eradicating child labour and commercial sex from the Viralimalai area as well as promoting Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) and AIDS education.

Lack of family planning and education has become the bane of society in Pudukkottai District. Illiteracy has played a crucial role in the promotion of child labor and prostitution. WESWA regards these problems as the fundamental challenge facing society -- eradicating illiteracy and increasing educational and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged sector of society.

The WESWA Trust appeals to development agencies everywhere to help us to empower the weakest of the weak and poorest of the poor, irrespective of caste, religion or gender.

The Weaker Section Welfare Association (WESWA) is an approved charity recognized by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

Would you like to know more about WESWA and its activities? We invite you to visit our activities photo album and see for yourself the scale and scope of our pioneering work. If you find that WESWA is engaged in the kind of grassroots social campaigns that your agency supports, then kindly contact us at the address below or e-mail: info@weswa.org.

WESWA volunteers are hard at work organising and educating at the grassroots level. Won't you help us to empower the poor and illiterate folks in our district so that they and their children may have hope for the future? If your objectives and ours match, then why not extend your financial and/or technical support to WESWA. Working together, we can bring the smiles back to the faces of those who have known only hardship and tears.

Address your funding enquiry to the WESWA Managing Trustee and the address below or e-mail: info@weswa.org.

International donors send to:
Savings Account No. 0393000100112208
FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Account) No. 076050048
Punjab National Bank
Pudukkottai Branch
Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, India
Donors in India send to:
Savings Account No. 1088000100048846
Punjab National Bank
Fathima Nagar - 620 012 India

Or make your online contribution now.