Community-Based Prevention and Economic Resilience

In 2020, WESWA staff and volunteers swung into action in response to India’s COVID-19 emergency. Even with very limited resources, we can do so much!

Corona Virus Awareness Campaign
Corona Virus Awareness Campaign, Viralimalai

WESWA again took the lead as Pudukkottai District’s leading agency promoting better Public Health and economic self-sufficiency for women, children and minorities. Actions have so far included:

  • Individual house visits with COVID-19 protective equipment covered staff and volunteers to identify the issu & impacts of COVID-19′
  • Conducting skill & capacity-building training for the selected stakeholders including project staff, volunteers, minority women leaders, VHN, Anganvadi health workers, etc.
  • Providing legal aid, yoga classes and moral health support to rectify the social stigma of COVID-19 among the public, particular among minorities.
Corona Virus Disinfection of Market
Corona Virus Disinfection of Viralimalai Market
  • Encouraging kitchen garden, herbal medicinal plants that will improve nutrition through consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits that also improve the beneficiary families’ immunity.
  • Encouraging marketing of any surplus household garden production yields to raise the economic independency of the beneficiaries.
  • Promoting local production of organic sanitiser, herbal (Vattier) mask and safety accessories will also provide new extra income opportunities.
  • New release of booklets, brochure, pamphlets on the effect and impact of COVID-19
  • Advocacy and lobbying with the Central and State governments and Minority Commission on behalf of women and minorities.
Food distribution to needy during Corona lockdown
Food distribution to needy during the COVID-19 lockdown