Justification for the Intervention

  1. Since the sex trading activities is famous and known at Viralimalai, which is a traditional prostitution area, the clients from various parts of Trichy and Pudukkottai districts used to visit Viralimalai regularly.
  2. Industrial workers from Viralimalai industrial area, agricultural men from surrounding villages of Trichy and Pudukkottai districts, colleges and engineering college students from both the districts, are clients to the WIPs in Viralimalai.
  3. It is observed by WESWA that there 47 traditional prostitutes, about 113 outside WIPs, about 65 aged WIPs, 26 male brokers and 15 female brokers operate in Viralimalai area. Mostly, the aged WIPs who are 40-45 years are conducting the brothel homes.
  4. Hundreds of lorries from Trichy and Madurai passing through Viralimalai make a brief stay a Viralimalai for food, petrol and repair purposes. Because there are several motels, night hotels, automobile repair shops, vulcanising shops and one petrol bunk in Viralimalai town limit, during this time truckers and their helpers have sex with the WIPs.
  5. The rate per intercourse is between Rs 50/- to 150/- with about Rs 1500/- is charged per women per whole night. Apart from the traditional WIPs, about 100 WIPs are from Manapparai, Trichy, Madurai and surrounding villages.
  6. Moreover, 20-25 WIPs are kept at Viralimalai for 3 months contact. These WIPs come from neighboring states like Kerala and Karnataka.
  7. Locally made liquor (arrack) is widely available to the WIPs and clients in Viralimalai. Tobacco, panparag and other narcotic drugs such as ganja are consumed by the WIPs and their clients.
  8. It is observed that as there is no any affordable and acceptable STD care system, there is a high prevalence of STD among the WIPs as well as their clients visiting the brothel homes at Viralimalai.
  9. For the past one year, reported HIV-positive cases among WIPs and clients, mostly truckers in Viralimalai and surrounding areas, are being observed by WESWA and in a specific case in the past, WESWA has helped to cremate a dead body of HIV positive case safely.
  10. There are no any reliable counseling services at Viralimalai to counsel to the STD cases among WIPs and reported HIV positive cases and their family members.

Hence, the above narrated facts and factors prompt WESWA to carry out a comprehensive HIV / AIDS prevention intervention among the WIPs, their clients and brokers in Viralimalai traditional prostitution area.