Implementation Plan

a) Recruitment of office and field Personnel:-

The following are the details regarding the number of staff to be recruited and their duties and responsibilities.


Pattern of Staff Duties and Responsibilities


1 - Typist cum Accountant All typing and correspondence

Works and account keeping

2 - Social Workers pay regular visits to WIPs

houses, motels, night hotels,

Condom distribution, IEC distribution, Identifying STD cases, referring to STD centre and counselling centre, organizing meetings, seminars, workshops for target groups etc.,

1- Project Co-ordinator Oversee, supervise and co-ordinator each and every activity of the Programme, convene review meeting of staff, organize meetings and trainings, submit periodical reports etc.,

1 - STD Specialist (female) Std treatment and follow-up care, referring and treated cases to counselling centre, maintain a record for STD treated cases etc.

1 - Counsellor Incharge for counselling centre, provide counselling service to STD infected and HIV positive cases, maintain a record for beneficiaries of counselling services etc.

2 - Poor Educators (WIPs)

2 - Peer Educators (brokers) Visit of WIPs houses, organizing meetings and training condom promotion, identifying STD cases, referring to STD centre and counselling centre, IEC distribution etc.

b) Training for Field and office staff, office bearers, STD specialist, counsellor and peer Educators:-

It is proposed to conduct 3 days and 2 days follow-up training for the above personnel on STD / HIV / AIDS, condom promotion, STD treatment and follow-up, counselling, IEC distribution behavioral issues etc. This training Programme will help to develop field level capability and skills among the field personnel and others responsible for the intervention.

c) Meetings

It is proposed to organize one day and one day follow-up meeting for the following personnel on STD / HIV /AIDS, condom promotion etc.

20 Hotel Workers and Proprietors

20 Brokers

20 Taxi Drivers

20 PMPs and Clinical Lab Assistants

20 Medical and petty Shops Personnel

d) Identifying Peer Educators:-

Through visits of WIPs houses, informal meeting of WIPs and brokers, face to face discussion and group discussion 2 Peer Educators among WIPs and another 2 Peer Educators among brokers will be identified to be interpersonal communicators between the organization and WIPs. The Peer Educators would be bridge between the organization out WIPs in each every field activity along with the field personnel of the implementing organization.

e) HIV / AIDS Education Seminars for WIPs:-

A Series of HIV / AIDS Education seminars will be organized for about 200 WIPs. There will be 2 one day seminars in a month, and in each one day seminar, 20 WIPs will participate. In ten months, each batch will have two one day seminars. The seminar will include the following

A brief lecture on STD / HIV / AIDS

A Slide Presentation

Video Shows

Group Discussion


Condom usage techniques through demonstration

Behavior change communication

Peer Education through Peer Educators

Question - Answer Session

Apart from the above seminar, informal meetings, and get -together of WIPs and brokers will be convened on need basis

f) Condom Promotion

The need for the condom usage should be educated to the WIPs at the HIV / AIDS education seminars. Though most of the shops. Nearby prostitution area having condoms only very few using the condoms. Hence, it is decided by WESWA to distribute condoms to the WIPs at their houses giving advise that the clients should be insisted to use condoms during intercourse. The Peer educators will be involved along with the field personnel in distribution of condoms. The skills in condom usage will be educated through demonstration during the HIV / AIDS education seminars.

Further, it is decided that condoms outlets will be at the petrol bunk and some selected motels and night hotels located in Viralimalai town area.

g) Educating the Truckers on STD / HIV / AIDS:-

A certain percent of the clients visiting the WIPs houses are truckers from various parts of the neighboring districts. So, the truckers need to be educated on STD / HIV / AIDS through the field personnel at the parking places of the trucks.

Accordingly, the field personnel will visit the truckers at their parking places like motels, night hotels, petty shops and petrol bunks and will distribute condoms, IEC materials displaying slip charts containing information of STDs

h) STD Care Centre:-

It is observed by WESWA that prevalence of STD is high among the WIPs in Viralimalai. Hence, the important and immediate action to be taken for the affordable STD care system. WIPs and their clients cannot afford the cost of treatment from other private medical practitioners. Further, they are not aware of seriousness of STD.

Moreover, the WIPs and clients are very hesitant to approach the Govt. Hospitals for treatment due to humiliation experienced there

Hence, it has necessitated to setting up of a STD care Centre at the area of the Traditional WIPs in Viralimalai. Services of a part time STD Specialist (Female) will be available to the target groups from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. every day except Sundays. Identified STD cases will be referred by the field personnel and Peer Educators to the STD care Centre. Subsequently, the treated STD Cases will be referred to the counselling centre located in the same premises. A record will be maintained by the STD specialist for the treated STD Cases.

i) Counselling Services

Apart from the increasing number STD cases among the WIPs, there are reported HIV Positive cases seem to be high in Viralimalai and its surrounding area alone. But the crucial factor is there is no counselling centre for the people who are STD infected, especially the tested HIV Positive. So, this will lead to a critical situation for the positive people.

Hence, It is proposed to set up a counselling centre in the premises of STD care centre to enable the needy cases and treated STD cases to he referred to the counselling centre for counselling services. If need by, the counsellor will visit to the houses of HIV Positives to provide counselling at the spot. A record will be maintained by the counsellor for the counselled STD and HIV positive cases. The counsellor will be a full time worker.

j) Budget of the Project:-

Please, kindly refer to the annexure for a detailed estimated cost of the project.

k) Monitoring and Evaluation

The Programme will aim to integrating an in-depth quantitative study with monitoring change in behavior. The impact and effectiveness of the intervention will be measured on a continuous basis through short studies, baseline surveys and thorough evaluation of each Programme component

l) Expected Intervention Outcome:-

Use of condoms among the WIPs and their clients will be increased gradually through dynamic condom promotion.

The intervention will enable reduction of STD prevalence among the target group

Setting up of a STD care centre with affordable and acceptable STD referral system will increase the general health activities and bring down STD infected cases among the target group

The awareness levels on STD / HIV/ AIDS will be increased and a good peer education system will be set up to generate awareness on the need for the safer sexual practies

A good counselling service will help to prevent stigma towards people with HIV / AIDS