Since its inception the WESWA Trust has been actively engaged in eradicating child labour and commercial sex from the Viralimalai area.

With industrialisation of the district, child labour in sweatshops has become a common practice, with adults taking up the better positions in industry. Poorer women folk have taken to commercial sex, owing to the industrial employees working far from their home villages.

WESWA Trust regards these problems as the fundamental challenge facing society – eradicating illiteracy and increasing educational and employment opportunities for the disadvantaged sector of society.

  • More than 1,000 multi-disabled persons got ID cards, stipends, hearing aids, supportive assistance, special Ewducation, health support tools & physiotherapy training, etc.
  • Since 2016 WESWA formed twenty Women Self-Help Groups among minority Muslim women in their working areas for their economic empowerment. At present the groups collectively have around Rs. 3,500,000 turnover.
  • Under the concept of environmental protection, WESWA introduced the daily using practice of smokeless chullas (stoves) among women Self-Help Group members to reduce firewood consumption, CO2 footprint and indoor exposure to carbon monoxide.